January PRE-ORDER Mystery Rattle Baby Doll

January PRE-ORDER Mystery Rattle Baby Doll

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These will ship in JANUARY. They will not arrive before the holidays.

If you don't mind surprises than this is for you! I will hand pick a special surprise rattle just for you and your little babe!

Dreadful rattle babies are about 7" in size and each one has a rattle inside. These dolls are perfect for infants through toddler years! Faces are hand painted and all no small buttons or beads are used to prevent from any choking hazards. All blankets and accessories are adhered down so they can't be taken apart. All materials used are non-toxic and safe for kiddos! Each one is cut freehand. No stencils or patterns are used when creating these. This make each one a unique size and shape! They are all different just like all of our babies are.