Custom Full-Size Doll

Custom Full-Size Doll

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✨ONE PER PERSON/HOUSEHOLD ✨ Please be considerate of the limit. This allows more children the opportunity of getting to create their own doll. These spots are extremely limited. Please only claim one. 

Create your own full size doll. It can be a recreation of your favorite person, a character you love, or your own design.

The cost of customs includes all time spent with each purchaser to design their perfect doll, as well as the materials that may need to be special ordered. 🖤

Full size dolls are our original size and style of doll. Lots of details. Not usually recommended for very young children because of the beads, buttons, materials, and props typically used on these. They are about 12" in size.

Please note that while we can generally accommodate most designs, everything is made by hand. So there may be somethings that we are unable to create. We will let you know ahead of time if that is the case. 

Your doll will ship within the month you purchase for.

There are no refunds or cancellations on custom orders once an order has already been started on. 

We will not copy any other makers work or recreate anything made by other makers. 💕

Once you have purchased your doll, we will send an email out to you in the month you purchased for. So that we can get details together before we start creating you perfect doll. Sometimes these emails go to spam to be sure to keep an eye out. 

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